Friday, November 22, 2019
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Best gadgets 2018: the top tech you can buy right now


There are many amazing gadgets out there and as the technology improves the sophistication of gadgets are constantly improving. We all have smartphones with us, and there are several devices which we can connect to our smartphones to lead a smart life. let us take a look at some of the best gadgets in 2018.

Senclo Fi:

Senclo Fi is a garage controller which easily allows you to control your garage from anywhere. You can easily connect the device to Amazon Alexa and voice control from anywhere. It also pairs with Google Home. The device knows when you arrive home and it is one easy way to open your garage hands free. The device adapts to every single aspect of your lifestyle and operates accordingly. You can pair it with your apple watches and smartphones.

Ninebot One S1:


One S1 provides you with an insanely fun experience, and if you manage to learn how to use it, you will be able to reach your destination without any hassle. One S1 might be the future transportation electric unicycle. The single wheeled Ninebot will take you anywhere you want. Getting to learn the One S1 might seem like a tough job, but once you master it, you are on for a fun ride.

Fret Zealot:

I am pretty sure that there are plenty of people out there who just dream to play the guitar. You go to the store to buy a brand new guitar and sit down to practice. You go from one video to another and one lesson to the other lesson but somehow you feel that it is impossible to learn the guitar. But with Fret Zealot, you can learn guitar in a much easier way. Fret Zealot is the LED edition of your guitar.


The LED addition fits right above the frets, and it will show exactly where to place your fingers. All you have to do is use your smartphone to select what you like to play and place your fingers on the lit areas of the fret. All you have to do is strum, and you are instantly ready to play the guitar.

Fret Zealot is brilliant if you happen to be a beginner. You will easily learn where you position your fingers and learn the notes in a better way. The AI in the system automatically displays the next position of your fingers after you strum.

Wireless charger iPhone x case – Floveme:

Charging our phones always seems like a job which is very tough to do. But not when it comes to Floeme, the wireless charging case.  All you have to do is place your iPhone x in its phone case, and it immediately gets charged.

Smartphones in Future


Most of the features in Smartphone technology are now standard among manufacturers and models. The yearly improvements made to the favourite features like better cameras, faster processors, and screen display are reasonably predictable and some of the advances that we expect. We need to understand what the future holds for the smartphone and what we hope.

One of the things that are great is face ID. This app uses a particular camera that recognises users through a facial map comprised of thousands of invisible dots.
Here are some features that might develop over the coming years.

Wireless charging

Although this feature is available for some time now, the hope is to increase the range of freedom and convenience with long-range technologies. At this point, we have a mat that charges the phone with a flow of energy, but its range capability is not significant. In 2015 a wireless charging system was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. This system comprised of a wall-mounted power transmitter that finds devices via Bluetooth and sends out energy in the form of radio waves that bounds of from surfaces to reach the receiver. These waves transform into direct current.

GPS 2.0

People rely on the Global Positioning System or GPS to successfully navigate their surroundings and to arrive at their destinations on time. Broadcom announced that it had developed a new chip that would provide a more pinpointed location that what is happening now. Other improvements will be improved battery life for the devices proving the chip uses less battery power than the previous one.

Flexible displays

Samsung has been mocking their customers with flexible screen technology for some time now. Displays are made to look paper thin and can be rolled up like scrolls. It gives different form factors like pocket-sized flat screens that would be foldable to fit into the wallet of the customer and bigger versions that might flip open like books. Users will go beyond touch-based gestures as bending the technical device can become a whole new way of interfacing with on-screen content. Shapeshifting devices can easily fashion into wearable devices by wrapping it around your wrist. Developers make promises that soon we will be able to fold our smartphones into tablets.

Holographic Screens

With the advancements in 3D television, virtual reality consoles are offering the users a more significant visual experience. The developers of the smartphone are trying to figure out ho9w to seamlessly integrate 3D properties with the more intuitive and familiar touchscreen interface. Some people in the industry are pushing the concept of holographic phones. The developers use light diffraction to project a virtual three-dimensional image of objects. A prototype does exist featuring a flexible display. Users can manipulate objects by bending and twisting the device.

It is exciting to see what has been made possible with smartphone technology. We are anxiously waiting for these revolutionary ideas to come true and might not wait too long.

Top 5 Mobiles leading in Technology


In the world of smartphones, there are many options to choose. There are great phones on the market right now, and we will be looking at the top 5 Mobiles leading in Technology for 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is making waves with its exceptional power. It is branded as the ‘highest-spec’ phone now, but it is also the most expensive. The release date of this smartphone is August 2018 and is the most expensive phone on the market at present. It is one of the first pones to offer 1TB of storage and an incredible screen. The screen wraps itself around the frame and boasts with impressive colour reproduction and brightness. It is a beautiful phone with a remarkable battery life with cooling tech to help it last longer in gaming sessions. The camera has an excellent capability and has a camera-remote-enabled Bluetooth S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

There are many great features to the phone but might not apply to everyone. For Android fans, the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus rates as the best smartphone currently on the market. The screen has been tested and measured with super colours and is the best viewing experience you can have on mobile. This smartphone boasts excellent battery life and has a camera that is excellent in low light.

Huawei P20 PRO

With its release date in April 2018, this phone is the best in its brand so far. The screen is only full HD, but it helps to improve battery life and comes with a screen protector that is pre-fitted. This phone boasts excellent battery life and a camera that offers three lenses. This smartphone’s camera has brilliant image stabilisation and a 40MP sensor that provides outstanding low light performance. Huawei is a worthy competitor to Apple and Samsung.

iPhone X


The iPhone X is the best iPhone that Apple made so far. It boasts a new shape that is a sturdy design, and battery life is good and a superb Camera. The camera is very powerful, and each still shot loaded with detail. The smartphone has a brilliant screen with excellent sharpness and quality.

LG G7 ThinQ

This smartphone is LG’s latest phone, and it is awe-inspiring. The screen delivers good peak brightness and has a sizeable expansive look with a smaller notch. Can even charge them with these panels here.  Slightly large to hold, but an excellent, capable display. Battery life is good with a camera that has a broader field of view than most other phones. You can take stellar shots with this phone. This phone reasonably priced packs great performance.

There are many powerful smartphones from different makes and companies but listed above are the five highest ranking phones on the market leading in technology.