Computers help us do our jobs with ease, and computer programmers help computers to do their job much more effectively. Computers have been for a long time, and every computer programmer should know some of these facts about computer programming.

The first computers were powered by steam

Charles Babbage, who created the first computer ever, is known as the father of programming. He called his new invention the Analytic Engine which was much larger than a house and required six steam engines to power it. The working version of Analytic engine could not be materialised due to an issue with his chief engineer.

A computer virus was not supposed to be harmful

The author of computer virus defence techniques, Fred Cohen, designed the first computer virus which was supposed to take hold of the computer, multiply itself and could be transferable through removable devices like floppy disks. He created this virus just to understand if there was any way a virus could cause harm, but when he created a positive virus, it helped computers find executables in the system.

The first computer programmer was a woman

Ada Lovelace was the first computer designer; she was a British mathematician in 1843 who provide translations of the analytical engines. She later started her own notes where she added more translation, which speeds up the development of computer programming.

She created an algorithm that would be used on the analytical engine which could compute Bernoulli numbers.

The first digital computer game never made any money

Some of the most successful programs that one can create today is video games, but the first digital computer was a flop which was created by a team of computer programmers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology which took 200 hours to create. The aim of the game was to hit and destroy the opponent’s spaceship. Although it was a breakthrough, we probably would not have the video game industry.

The most widely used image for processing algorithms is the picture of a playboy magazine

A picture which was called Lena was the standard test image for processing for more than 40 years, which was taken from the issue of the November 1972 issue of playboy magazine.

SHA-1 collision in Git is rare

Git is a popular distribution revision control which requires SHA-1 in order to identify the revision and detect corruption in a certain set of data.

The first computer bug was named from an actual bug

Term bug was used by Thomas Edison in the year 1878, which was used to describe a technical error. Later, Grace Hopper found an actual bug in the logbook where the moth had gotten stuck in the relay of the computer which was preventing its smooth flow of operation.

Computer programming is diverse

There is a linguistic diversity where there are 698 languages, and a computer programmer needs to learn with much more diversity when it comes to language. This is the reason why many students opt for external resources to get things done, which requires you to pay someone to do my programming homework on time while you study different languages.


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